HR Connection

Our online solution to Employee Benefits enrollment and employee communication challenges


  • Employers need to effectively communicate benefits and other information to employees
  • HR and employees need a simpler, easier way to do benefits enrollment
  • As demands on HR increase, there’s not enough time to do everything

HRconnection Helps Employers:

  • Streamline benefits elections and time-off tracking through online processes
  • Showcase company info and benefits programs to employees and their families
  • Provide employee self-service, reducing repetitive inquiries directed to HR
  • Reduce printing and distribution costs by providing materials online

HRconnection Helps Employees:

  • Easily elect benefits and request time off through a simple online system
  • Access benefits and HR information anytime, anywhere—even on a mobile device
  • Learn about career growth opportunities, job postings, training programs and more


Unsurpassed custom design options include the ability to:
  • Choose custom site colors and header image
  • Control images including company logo, name and stock photos
  • Display customized information for different groups of employees
  • Create your own sub-menu items such as a job descriptions page, custom messages page, etc.


Delivering targeted employee communications is easy with a customizable home page that includes:
  • Home page welcome message and seasonal announcements
  • Links to employer-recommended Web resources
  • Scheduled employee communication campaigns
  • Quick view of upcoming time off and time remaining, personalized to the user


Educate and assist employees on company-specific information including:
  • Employee directory
  • Departmental contacts
  • Holiday and event listing
  • Mission statement and vision
  • Company history


Empower employees to manage personal information including the ability to:
  • Add, review or update personal information
  • Manage time-off requests and view a summary by type, such as vacation, personal or sick day
  • Update life event changes such as beneficiary, dependent or marital status information
  • Manage and review benefit elections
  • View both current and future personal elections throughout the year


Eliminate the need for distributing bulky and costly company materials and provide online access to career information to employees, including:
  • Handbooks
  • Forms
  • Directories
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Career growth, job posting and training information


Bundle everything employees want to know about their benefit plans in one secure location. Benefits are listed by type such as medical, dental, vision, etc. Within each plan type, employees can obtain detailed plan information and benefit summary information, including the ability to:
  • View plan design information including rates and eligibility
  • Access Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Compare plan benefits
  • Obtain plan forms
  • View carrier contact information
  • Access Frequently Asked Questions


By capturing employee and plan information in HRconnection, administrators have the ability to create the following reports quickly and easily in any of the following outputs: Microsoft® Excel® and CSV, Adobe® PDF, HTML and RTF.
Election Reports
  • Election Summary – Create a summary of all benefits elected by an employee for a specified effective date (available in English and Spanish).
  • Payroll Extract Report* – Extract payroll information for employee based on election effective date.
  • Personal Instruction Sheet – Generate an informational reference for employees to use when preparing for open enrollment.
  • Premium Report* – Extract election and premium information, based on effective date, to compare with the monthly billing statement issued by a carrier.
  • Plan Design Report –View detailed information, including rates and benefits, on any of the plan offerings.
  • Annualized Contribution Report – View per deduction and annualized contributions by employees for all plan types.
  • Beneficiary Report* – View designated beneficiary information.
  • Carrier Extract Report* – Extract employee information and election data based on effective date.
  • Census Report* – Extract information needed for an employee census.
  • Change Report – Election Comparison over Time* – View all changes made to employees’ elections between effective dates.
  • Change Report – Election Comparison (based on effective date) – Compare employee elections effective as of two specific dates.
  • Change Report – Election Comparison (based on confirmation date)* – Track elections confirmed within a specified date range.
  • Change Report – Election & Demographic Change – Monitor changes made because of a life event, open enrollment, employee termination, or employee/contact demographic changes during a specified date range.
  • Election Status Report – Unconfirmed Elections – Identify employees who have unconfirmed elections for a selected plan type within the enrollment date range.
Employee Reports
  • Employee Changes – Monitor the changes of employee or family contact records during a specified period.
  • Employee Information* – Extract basic employee and employment information.
  • Employee User Name Report – Generate a list of employee user names.
  • My Family Information Report* – Extract basic employee, employment, and my family and contacts information.
  • Attendance Report – Extract vacation totals and track attendance for employees.
  • Out of Office Report* – Generate a list of employees who are out of the office during a specific date range.
  • Portal Usage Statistics – Monitor usage of HRconnection for a specified period.
  • Time Off Requests* – Generate a list of employees who have requested time off during a specific date range.
  • Time Off Totals* – Download time off totals for employees.
* These reports offer customization options through the ability to add and reorganize report fields.


Employees can access the following HRconnection features on their mobile or tablet device, further streamlining necessary tasks and making connecting with your employees easier than ever:
  • Searchable employee directory, to quickly find contact information for colleagues and managers
  • Time-off tracking, including the ability to request time off, edit or delete pending requests, and view remaining time off
  • Benefit plan information, including plan details, benefit summaries, current elections and more


From portal setup to uploading custom content to reporting, HRconnection offers administrators the ability to:
  • Select portal’s look, feel and functionality
  • Upload employee data including dependents, contact information, emergency contacts, job titles and more
  • Add, edit or delete benefit plan data
  • Administer life events and send benefit election reminders
  • Manage vacation tracking including the ability to do accruals
  • Publish portal content such as bulletin board postings, policies, handbooks, welcome page messages, etc.
  • Generate reports and manage data imports

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