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TEL Staffing & HR is the leading full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) on the Gulf Coast today.

For more than fifteen years they've helped hundreds of hard-working business owners simplify their lives and maximize their profits by providing them with the very best in human resource solutions, workers' compensation coverage, insurance protection, as well as payroll and tax processing services.

TEL Staffing & HR exists to provide their customers, employees and partners with a level of professional service and care that continually exceeds their expectations, contributes to their happiness, and adds value and benefit to their lives in a way that positively affects their bottom line.

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Being honest and living your life with integrity are the keys to maintaining customer loyalty and providing quality services. We have developed a team of professionals that are more than employees—our employees are like family. We not only work together, but share life experiences- knowledge that helps us learn and grow.

Wayne Brown, Owner/President